Muallim Hersek Marine Natural Gas Pipeline Improvement

Muallim Hersek Marine Natural Gas Pipeline Improvement

Project Details

1. Preliminary inspection; The pipeline and especially the pipeline sections to be maintained and repaired will be pre-inspected with ROV, MBES Bathymetry and Backscatter before starting the work.

2. Maintenance and repair works;
  • Progressive 3D stress calculation,
  • Uncovering the pipeline and cleaning the transportation route,
  • Relocation of the displaced section of the Eastern pipeline next to the Western pipeline,
  • Covering the East and West pipeline with Articulated Prefabricated Concrete Mattress Block/ ACBM (Concrete Matress),

3. The pipeline and especially the maintenance and repair process will be carried out, and the pipeline sections will be reported at the end of the work by making a final inspection with ROV, MBES Bat metry and MBES backscatter. At the end of the work, the contractor will provide a FINAL REPORT containing data, analysis, reports and maps of all these works.

4. Numerical stress/strain analysis with Finite Element Model [FEM] will be performed and reported before and after maintenance and repair.

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