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     Our project, which we  completed under the supervision of Botaş Administration, is the sea crossing section of the Turkey – Greece Natural Gas Pipeline, which was built in 2005, extends along the Dardanelles Strait in the Marmara Sea, between Anatolia and Thrace, cutting the strait steeply between the two lands. It covers the maintenance and repair of the only steel natural gas pipeline in the Dardanelles crossing of the Turkey-Greece Pipeline, which is free on the seabed in the Dardanelles.

The work on the Çanakkale natural gas pipeline, which is a critical branch of the Turkey-Greece Natural Gas Pipeline, was successfully completed with a scientific research vessel with special equipment and equipment, specialized deep water divers and technical engineers specialized in offshore projects.

  • Excavation of marsh and loam at any depth and width by machine
  • Non-stacked stone backfill with quarry stone (to create bored pile platform foundation)
  • Plentmix foundation
  • Construction of cast-in-place piles of any size with a diameter of 0100 cm in bridges or landslide areas (with C30/37 ready-mixed concrete mortar)

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