İzmit Bay Bottom Sludge Cleaning

İzmit Bay Bottom Sludge Cleaning

     As Atlas Maden, we act with deep responsibility for our environment and natural resources. Our latest project in the Gulf of Izmit is a reflection of our commitment to environmental sustainability. We used our customized eco-friendly technologies to remove the bottom sludge covering the seabed. This operation not only aimed to protect marine life, but also supported the ecological balance of the region.

    Project Details:

  • Supply of HDPE pipelines, buoyancy buoys, installation of floating pipe system and connection with the pipeline on land,
  • Procurement of floating cleaning vessels/machinery,
  • Installation of intermediate pumping stations in the floating pipe system,
  • Ensuring the synchronization of the pumps with each other and cleaning means,
  • Procurement and delivery of sufficient geotextile tubes to the site,
  • Operationalization of the dewatering plant,
  • Actual operationalization of the whole system,
  • Bottom sludge is removed, brought to 60% dryness and laid on the casting site,
  • Preparation of the dump site where the dewatered process waste will be stored.

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