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Building Wrack Waste and Topsoil Recycle Plant

Most of the building/wrack wastes can be removed, it can be used in same project or other construction projects after cleaning and maintaining. It should not be forgotten that the materials obtained from construction and demolition are reusable materials. Example for reusable materials are;

-Wooden frame, door/window, wardrobe e.t.c. materials,
-Wallings; briquette, stone, concrete, reinforced concrete,
-Joist, girder, floor joist and other structure elements,
-Doors, Windows, finished hardware,
-Electrical and mechanical fixtures,
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Many of menioned above materials are can be recovered and reused. Recovered concrete and asphalt materials can be used as substructure material on roads on inter-cities and inner-city. Energy and raw material source is protected while aggregates are recovered. Aggregates, pavements made from recovered concretes can be used in basic and betimes in lower pavements surface layers. It is not important that sub-base course is less powerful.

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Products that can be obtained with recycle

Filler Products;
1-) +0-5 mm Stone Powder
2-) +5-63 mm crushed fill

Flamed Products ( Concrete and asphalt aggregate);
1-) +0-5 mm Stone Powder
2-) +5-12 mm Stone Chips
3-) +12-19 mm Stone Chips
4-) +19-22 mm Stone Chips