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Tuzla Marina and Fishing Port Construction Work

Mole, Filler, Rockfill Revetment Work: Making the Quarry Stone and Filler in Various Categories 1.750.000 Tone Approximately, Screening and Getting the Material 300.000 M3 approximately.

Construction of T-wall Quays: Fabricating of Precast B.A.T-Wall Elements, Fabricating of Cast-In-Place B.A. Capping Beams, Fabricating of Precast B.A Capping Beams, Fabricating of Weight Blocks B.A Elements, Fabricating of Coronary Wall and Curtain B.A Elements, APPROXIMATELY 20.000 M3

Structures that will emerge at the end of the project;
- 3.000 m² store
- 3772 m² cinema

Constructions to be occured at the end of project consist 40608 m² trading area from which 33625.8 m² and ;

-marina technical buildings 2000m²
- Yachts & sailing club: 1200m²
- otel: 13800 m²
- parking area: 37571,5 m²
- temapark area: 82153,5 m2²