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Our Company


We, Atlas Maden Group of Companies, pursue our activities in the mining sector in a successful manner in accordance with the necessary laws and permits, in accordance with development plans, giving priority to national interests and paying attention to business ethics. Having adopted a vision for utilizing our scarce natural resources in the most ideal way, we have for a long time pursued our activities with this vision in mind.

 We adopt a vision for increasing business volume at a national level in the building sector and developing our region, for being a company that implements projects advanced in terms of structure volume and structure technique.

 Among our pivotal goals are increasing success rate in tender winning in the area of tender-bid, achieving cost consistency in costing works, minimizing non-conformity at a delivery-acceptance stage in construction works, meeting the deadlines undertaken in construction works, ensuring calculation and dosier consistency, lowering customer complaints, increasing the rate of meeting customer expectations and achieving their satisfaction, increasing efficiency in procurement time and purchase, increasing efficiency in conformity in material / service procurement in progress milestone activities, decreasing the rate of failure and malfunction frequency and decreasing maintenance duration in maintenance works, decreasing inventory difference and material loss in storage activities, increasing instruction time per personel, decreasing internal examination non-conformities.

 Our quality policy is based on such pillars as: to build structures within deadlines specified in accordance with the project, to ensure material, craftmanship and service quality in every project completed and to build reliable and solid structures, to provide for continuous awaireness raising of our personnel, provide them with training and ensure their satisfaction, to carry out activities aimed at continuous improvement of the efficiency of Quality Management System, to adequately comply with the necessary requirements and legislation.

 We are determined to carry out all activities required for ensuring quality, improving quality, applying quality in practice and continuously improving efficiency. Our company’s administration and senior staff, guided by its awareness of its responsibility, undertakes to ensure drawing the attention of all the levels of the organization to the importance of meeting the requirements of customers and legislation, to form a quality policy determining company’s approach to quality and its vision, to set quality goals towards ensuring activity efficiency and productivity and ensuring working towards attaining these goals, to carry out activities aimed at revising quality management system in a planned way in order to ensure its suitability, adequacy and efficiency and to use the necessary mechanisms of control and decision-making, to ensure the availability of the resources necessary for an efficient functioning of the system.