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What is Urban Conversion?
It is creation of applicable road map as a result of economical, social and spatial features investigation of a region by considering the urban issues and needs.

Urban conversion is people oriented application and it's aim is formation of urbans in liveable standards. That's why Applications are built on economical, social and communal basis.

General regulation about urban conversion area was arranged in 73rd article of Municipality Law. The authority related to determination of methods and principles about urban conversion applications in Decree Law no.644 was given to Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

Draft of law about area conversions under Disaster risk and prepared by Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation determine methods and principles regarding improvement, liquidation and regeneration of the structures which don't provide opportunity of healthy and safe living with areas under disaster risk.

There is reducing the regional conditions to the best level or optimum grade in the light of this information; within our vision and mission. Our aim is to releasing more steady, more esthetical, comfortable and useful buildings to the public and we are continuing our works in urban conversion sector fort his aim.

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